Our Office


Since 2008, when our Executor’s Office in Slovak republic was established, we have been returning to our creditors what they deserve. We recover debts, we help debtors get rid of debts if they could not or did not want to get rid of it otherwise.  We administer more than 26.300 of files.

Office staff

office staffOur Executor’s Office means for us a team of people. There are almost 40 of us in our team. It is a sufficient number in order to responsibly administer claims of our clients at the administrative level as well as on our trips to debtors also outside Bratislava within Slovak Republic.

Court Executor

JUDr. Kamil Líška, the Court Executor, has been performing his executor practice for 15 years. He graduated from the Law Faculty of the Comenius University in Bratislava. Initially, he worked as a legal assistant of the executor, later as an executor’s clerk and at presence he works as a Court Executor.


The most professional work is performed by executor’s clerks with legal qualification, and there are 10 of those in our team.  The clerks are supplemented by a trio of other employees and 25 students (including 19 students of law).


Why entrust your claims to our office?

The executor’s employees contact the debtor also by telephone or a text message, which contributes to increased enforcement of claims.

  • Personal trips to debtors are commonplace, which contributes to increase of enforcement of claims
  • Tailored software for executions  eases our administration, therefore, we can fully concentrate on actual enforcement of claims
  • It is possible to set up a remote access for a client  to selected part of software
  • We shall inform your responsible employee about material facts via electronic mail
  • The banks, insurance companies, lease providers, payment, credit and international companies trust us
  • Our location in Bratislava centre gives us reach to central banks a public authorities
  • Recovered funds are sent immediately to client’s account
  • We provide advice on execution issues free of charge


It is better to see once than hear a hundred times. Make an appointment directly with the executor by contacting us on +421 -2- 546 30 654.